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Instructions for wedding seating plan - A4 sized

How will this be of use to me?

This template contains a top table and 10 round tables in a rectangular room. It can be used to develop an A4 seating plan to display to your guests. Once you have printed it you can place it in a picture frame. Alternatively, you can print your table plan onto a light coloured piece of card or paper. Then cut the tables out and stick them onto a darker piece of card. You could use card that is the same as your wedding colours.

As you can see there is a lot of information squeezed into this seating plan. If you have access to an A3 printer (specialist printing companies will be able to help you) you should use our A3 sized wedding template seating plan

You can download and save this word document to your computer. Modify it by adding or removing tables to meet your needs.

How can I use it?

Moving and deleting tables

To move or delete tables, move your mouse over the outer lines of the table. Your mouse will turn to a cross. Left click, 8 small squares will appear around the table. Whilst the 8 small squares are visible you can move the table or delete it. To delete, press the delete key on your keyboard. In order to move the table move your moue over the outer circle of the table until it turn to a cross again. Hold the left click down and drag your mouse. The table will move.

To create more tables

Move your mouse over the outer ring of the table until it turns to a cross. Left click and 8 small squares will appear. Move your mouse over the outer edge of the table so that it turns to a cross again and right click. Choose copy. Move away from the selected table and right click, then select paste.

Writing in the tables

Click inside the table over the top of the template writing ‘insert guest name’. A blinking cursor will appear and you will be able to type. Add the table name or number at the top. It is a very tight squeeze to get the names in these tables. In order to fit them in, place people with shorter names in the middle. This may mean that the exact seating order is not clear from your seating plan but don’t worry when your guests get to their table they will see exactly where they are sitting from their name places.

Saving and printing this plan

To reduce the risk that parts of this plan are not cut off during printing it is advised that once you have completed this plan to ‘save as’ in pdf (this function is only available in Microsoft Office 2007 onwards or if you have a pdf writer installed on your computer). You should then print the pdf format. This will ensure that everything you see on your plan will be printed.

Template download link

A4 size wedding reception seating plan for rectangular room template

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