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Wedding quiz questions

If you have decided to have your speeches before the dinner you may find there is a gap at the end of the meal when your guests want to relax and be entertained. One way you could do this is with a quiz.

Using the example wedding quiz document

This is an example of some of the questions and elements a wedding quiz may have. You can modify this document to make it your question and answer sheet for those leading the quiz or you can copy and paste the elements you want into a powerpoint presentation.

You may want to think about assigning points to correct answers so that you know the maximum score. The teams could either mark their own scores or pass them to another team to mark. Once you have given out all of the answers, collect in the totals from the teams to find out who has won.

It may be beneficial to collect the totals in secret so that the teams do not change their score depending on the scores the other teams say.

Using the wedding quiz answer sheet

This is a template answer sheet for your wedding quiz answers. It should be used alongside the ‘example wedding quiz’ document. The titles in the answer sheet follow the sections in the example wedding quiz document. Modify the answer space for in this template to suit your planned questions.

Template download link

Wedding quiz questions sheet example

Wedding quiz questions - answer sheet template

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