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civil ceremony seating plan

A civil ceremony order of service can be used on your wedding day as a guide to running the service. This is useful as a guide for your registra who will be running the service. It can also serve as a useful guide for your guests for what to expect and nice touch for any guests you have chosen to do a reading to see their name on the order of service.

Instructions on how to use the template are included below and then the download link to the civil ceremony seating plan template is below the instructions

Instructions for use of the civil ceremony seating plan template

This document will help you plan where you want the wedding party and close family and friends to sit at your ceremony. It will avoid any large gaps developing in the seating of your guests at your ceremony and will help to ensure your guests do not feel awkward when they choose their seats.

You can download and save this word document to your computer and modify it to meet your needs.

Why do I need a ceremony seating plan?

Traditionally a seating plan is developed for the wedding breakfast to ensure everyone has a seat and there are no awkward moments as people try to find seats.

Often people forget about seating at the ceremony but it is very important that the people who are important to you can see you have thought of them and that they have seats reserved for them. Often guests do not think they are important enough to sit near the front so everyone accumulates near the back.

This template seating plan will help you plan where you want the wedding party and close friends and family to sit and will reduce the chance that your guests sit near the back. You do not have to detail all of your guests in this seating plan. Only those who you want to sit close to the front. This seating pan can be completed with printed name places to be added to the seat but often the venue will have reserved signs, which they can place on the allocated seats.

How do I modify this template seating plan?

Moving boxes

All of the boxes at the front of the ceremony room can be moved. Click on the box you want to move then move the mouse to over the dark edges of the box until the mouse turn to a cross. When it is a cross hold the left button on the mouse and move the mouse. The box will move with you.

Deleting boxes

In order to delete a box select the box using the mouse. When the edges have become greyed move the mouse over the grey edge of the box so that it become a cross. When it is a cross click the left button on the mouse and then press the delete button on the keyboard.

Editing the guests seats names

Delete the text ‘insert name of guests’ and insert the name of your guest. If you want to delete any rows or columns select the column or row you want to delete, when it has blacked out right click the black areas and select delete row or column.

What do I do with the seating plan now?

Before the ceremony, hand your seating plan to your ushers, the registrar and the person in charge of your wedding at the civil ceremony location. They can use this to ensure that the family and friends detailed in the seating plan are sitting where you would like them.

Template download link

Seating plan civil ceremony template

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