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Civil ceremony order of service template

A civil ceremony order of service can be used on your wedding day as a guide to running the service. This is useful as a guide for your registra who will be running the service. It can also serve as a useful guide for your guests for what to expect and nice touch for any guests you have chosen to do a reading to see their name on the order of service.

Instructions on how to use the template are included below and then the download link to the civil ceremony order of service template is below the instructions

Instructions for use of the template Civil Ceremony Order of service

The download document is a template order of service for a civil ceremony. It contains the front and inside pages and prints on one piece of A4 paper. You can download and save this word document to your computer and modify it to meet your needs.

Before starting the order of service

Talk to your registrar to agree the order of service for the ceremony.

How can I use this document?

Where ‘insert’ is written insert the required text and remove the pre written text from the document.

On page 2 remove any additional events, which are not occurring during your ceremony for example you, may only have one reading.

The text font style used is: Goudy old style in italic font 18

How do I print the document?

This document is 1 piece of A4 paper, printed on both sides. It will open as a book with writing on Front page (page 1) and 3.

Test using cheap white paper.

You may need to change the positioning of the two text boxes to ensure it fits on both sides.

Follow your printer’s instructions for printing double sided.

Printing the final copy of a parchment type paper is very effective

Template download link

Civil ceremony order of service template

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