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Party venues comparison template

Instructions for comparing party venues with a formal sit down meal and a buffet.

There are two documents that will allow you to compare the estimated total costs of your party. There is a template document to use if you are planning buffet type food at your party and a template document if you are planning a formal meal at your party. This document will help to remove the confusing and varied pricing many venues present to you. The template documents will also allow you to make direct comparisons between each of your prospective venues.

You can download and save the Excel documents to your computer and modify it to meet your needs.

Instructions on how to use the template are included below and then the download link to the party venues comparison template is below the instructions

How will this be of use to me?

When you visit venues you can tend to find that predicting the actual total cost of hosting your event there is not entirely clear. Some event locations include the cost of the room hire within the prices for the food, whereas some event locations separate it and all have varying costs for food and alcohol. In order to help you choose your venue the spreadsheets have been designed to allow you to compare the costs of your favourite venues.

Both the spreadsheet work on the principle that you choose a ‘standard’ formal meal or buffet, reception drink and wine for the meal. You need to apply the same food, drinks and entertainment choice to all venues so that a comparison is possible. Even if you have not chosen your food and drinks select the menu you are most likely to have on the day. For example a BBQ buffet and resident DJ will be a different cost at different venues.

How can I use it?

Checking the key details:

Check that the estimate for the number of adult guests, child guests and bottles of wine for dinner are correct. These numbers can be changed.

For the formal dinner spreadsheet, insert the starter, main and desert, which will be your standard dinner. You must use the cost for the same meal in each venue to allow you to effectively compare the venues with each other. For the buffet meal insert your chosen buffet. This will be your standard meal. You must use the cost for the same buffet in each venue to allow you to effectively compare the venues with each other.

Adding rows

Before writing anything in to row 22, select the number 22 down the left hand size of the table. This will select the 22 row. Then right click the number 22 and select copy. Move 2 rows down and click paste. This will paste in a blank row. You can do this as many times as required. You must copy and paste new rows before you have inserted any venue details.

Adding costs

When adding in costs do not use the pound or pence sign. Only insert numbers.

Categories without a cost

If there are any categories without a cost then insert a ‘0’.

Estimating the cost of the venue

The total estimated cost of you venue will appear on the far right hand side of the table. You could grade the venues based on cost with 1 being the most expensive.

Template download link

Compare party venues - formal meal template
Compare party venues - buffet meal template

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